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Zonkd Mattress

Chiropractic Shelby NC Zonkd Mattress
Chiropractic Shelby NC Zonkd Mattress

“Zonkd hit a home run with their new mattress…”

I have been sleeping on this mattress, the firm model, for the past 45 days.  It was shipped straight to my door in a box.  This was very convenient.  The last mattress I purchased, had to be loaded on my truck and I had to drive it to my house myself.   With the mattress arriving in a box, it was easy to bring in the house and up the stairs.  Even though I am a big guy and could have carried it by myself, I had some one help me and this made it very easy.  I was surprised at how much the mattress was condensed and rolled up to fit in such a small box.  Pulling the mattress out of the box and cutting away the plastic wrapping, it sprang to life and was full size almost instantly.  It took very little effort to slide the new mattress on top of my bed frame and box spring.  After getting the mattress in place, I carefully examined the mattress cover and seams.  I first noticed the mattress cover to be very plush and soft.  This is usually not the case with other mattresses.  My first thought was that I could sleep on this mattress without sheets it felt so good.  I then noticed the stitching and seam to have been expertly done.  One could easily tell the high quality and care that went into the manufacturing process.  When I first sat down, I felt the mattress to be soft and springy.  This was not what I was expecting.  Most memory foam type mattresses have a hard, brick like, feel when you first sit down.  This was not the case with this mattress.  I was pleasantly surprised.   Now, for the final test, I put the sheets on and got it ready so I could sleep in it tonight.  The convenience of purchasing, the look, the feel, and even the price is all good, but the most important aspect of a mattress to me is how it sleeps.  Because I am a Chiropractic Physician and I believe one of the most important things to keeping a healthy spine is the mattress you sleep on.  I feel a mattress should be first comfortable, but more importantly should be supportive.  A proper mattress should support the spine, keeping the body and spine in a neutral position.  Also the top layer should be gentle enough not to create “pressure points” that could hurt parts of the body most commonly in the hips or shoulders.  The mattress should also keep you cool at night.  If the body gets too hot at night, it won’t be able to rest properly and your muscle will not be relaxed when you wake up.    Body temperature decreases during the night-time sleep phase and rises during the wake phase.  Sleep is most likely to occur when core temperature decreases, and much less likely to occur during the rises.  I used to own the top of the line, high dollar name brand memory foam mattress.  Even though it offered good spinal support, I was constantly waking up over heated or sweating.  Zonkd had addressed all these issues in creating their mattress.  I think Zonkd has hit a Home Run with the way they engineered and developed their mattress.  It is my professional opinion that the new Zonkd mattress is the best mattress on the market today, for both spinal health and comfort.  I now look forward to every night I go to bed and get to snooze.

Dr. Dennis R. Reno, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician
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