Chiropractic Testimonials

"At 46, I've been dealing with an injury to both Achilles tendons and resolved myself to the fact that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. After going to Dr. Reno for 2 months, I ran the Spartan Super Race in Asheville, NC and my tendons felt great! Thanks Dr. Reno, I feel like Ive turned the clock back 10 years!"

- Rit V.

"I love Reno Chiropractic! I was so nervous about going and now that I finally went, I feel so much better! My hump in my neck is gone and I can walk and sit without pain in my lower back! Thanks again<3"

- Brooke D.

"Dr. Reno has restored my quality of life! He has helped me through many discomforts. The most important accomplishment that he did for me is that am able to walk with a stride. If you want a doctor that can work you back to health this is your doctor. God bless him."

- Shannon B.

"I love going to Reno Chiropractic Center! I've had pinched nerves and migraines and complete discomfort for years. I already can feel the difference after just a few sessions! Dr. Reno and his staff are awesome and caring people that want to help you get better. If you want a true expert in chiropractic care go visit Reno Chiropractic Center!"

- John K.


Chiropractic Shelby NC Reno Chiropractic Center testimonials"Great testimonial for Dr. Reno a chiropractor in Shelby NC Hi. My name is Mickey P. I was suffering pain due to my spine and neck fusing together. The pain was preventing me from being able to do the daily things that I wanted to do. I was trying weekly maintenance treatments, but it was not working. I was driving by and saw this office and thought I would come in and give Dr. Reno a try. I have always been treated wonderful in this office. Dr. Reno has been able to slowly get me loosened up as well as slow down the fusing process. I feel so much better and can enjoy so many more activities. I would tell others that if they have not Dr. Reno and his staff help you, you should."

- Mickey P.

Chiropractic Shelby NC Reno Chiropractic Center testimonials"Efrain a patient of Dr. Reno a chiropractor in Shelby, NC. Hi. My name is Efrain T. I was experiencing stiffness in my lower back. I was limited in my daily activities due to the pain. I had tried taking Tylenol as well as see my primary physician, but nothing was making the problem go away. While driving down the road, I saw a Billboard with Dr. Reno’s information, so I decided to give it a try. When I first came into the office I was impressed by how friendly the staff were. Dr. Reno has kept me “tuned up” as he would say by the adjustments as well as stretching exercises that he prescribed for me. As a runner, I have noticed tremendous improvement as I have had less pain even though I have increased the mileage that I run. I would advise anyone to have patience and follow Dr. Reno’s plan."

- Efrain T.

Chiropractic Shelby NC Reno Chiropractic Center testimonials"My name is Renee K. I came to Reno Chiropractic Center with a pinching nerve in my left hip. The pain was so severe that it made walking difficult, and I sometimes needed help getting up. I just dealt with the pain hoping that it would go away. If you are in pain don’t wait to get help. I was in severe pain for weeks until I couldn’t stand up or walk. I just had no idea where to start to get treatment. Something told me that I needed to seek help from a doctor. I drove by Reno Chiropractic Center everyday going to work. I wasn’t sure how long before I could get an appointment, but when I called the office they got me in the next day. The office was very respectful and understanding of my condition. Everyone is always very cheerful, and I feel like I am family. Dr. Reno saved me; I was going insane with all the pain! He realigned my spine to reduce the pinching in my nerve, and I never took one pill. It took some time but I am back to my old self pain free!!!! I can do the things that I couldn’t when I was living in pain. You should try chiropractic. You will not be disappointed with the results. I enjoy reading, crocheting, taking pictures of flowers, but most of all I enjoy seeing the smiles and laughing of the elderly."

- Renee K.

"Hi. My name is Christopher C. I was suffering from neck and back pain due to an automobile accident and it hurt pretty much everyday. My mother suggested that I come see Dr. Reno and I scheduled an appointment. The office staff was real good about everything from the very beginning. Dr. Reno was able to adjust me enough that I feel as though he fixed my back and neck. I would say I am back to 100% normal. I would tell anyone that Dr. Reno is the best place to come to and get help of your body is hurting.”

- Christopher C.

"Patient of Chiropractor Dr. Reno in Shelby NC Hi. My name is Jacklyn S. I was experiencing neck pain due to a torn/stretched ligament. I was dizzy, couldn’t sleep well, nor could I read or give 100% at work. Other doctors that I went to see prescribed pain medication and told me to reduce my stress level. Unfortunately, none of that worked. My manager at work had previously seen Dr. Reno and he told me I should schedule an appointment, so I decided to give it a try. When I first came into the office I felt like everyone already knew me. Everyone was very friendly and never seemed like they were in a rush. They were always willing to take the time to explain things to me. Dr. Reno began to adjust my neck and the adjustments improved my neck alignment significantly. My x-rays will prove it. And I noticed that week after week, my pain and dizziness were going away and I was sleeping better. I would advise anyone to give your injury the time it needs to recover and Dr. Reno will be able to help. Just remember to do the exercises and other tips that he suggests."

- Jacklyn S.


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